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Cashless payment solution

CamClaim Limited

Cashless payment solution One2Paid will be trialed in Science Park retail outlets initially. The solution is developed by CamClaim Limited, a HKSTP incubatee that has achieved major success with its CamClaim 2.0 Mobile Business platform, certified by UnionPay to provide FinTech Online and online to offline Office payment solution in China and Hong Kong. The solution offers functions such as mobile office tools, staff claiming services, business traveler information service and merchant hub. Extending beyond this platform, the new One2Paid FinTech payment service comes with a smart POS and B2M app. Registered users can key in payment amount and then generate a QR code for individual customer to making payment using a smart phone. The solution is expected to be widely applied in Hong Kong and subsequently extended to other markets in Southeast Asia.



Media Coverage

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