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Infineon Smart Downlight Solution

About Smart Downlight

  1. People count and flow monitoring: the 24Ghz radar sensor – fast and accurate in detecting people’s speed, and direction. It is robust even at worst environment condition and free of privacy issue.
  2. Real time parameter setting through cloud server to achieve high accuracy of people counting in different location and environment.
  3. Easy Installation, the smart downlight is the traditional downlight form factor, it is the most common lighting fixture in the commercial building so it is no need to have additional infrastructure investment in lighting and power supply.
  4. Sigfox or NBIOT wireless technology which can directly transfer the collected data to the internet cloud platform without considering the wiring problem.
  5. LED is Dimmable through cloud server and the electrical status of the lamp can report out so that the failure time is predicted & the maintenance cost can be reduced.
  6. Internet Security is now more concern in IOT M2M application, the smart downlight embedded Infineon Optiga Trust B which is an authentication chip so it can avoid the counterfeit products in the market.