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Three Showcases of AutoX

AutoX is redefining the future of transportation and bringing self-driving cars technologies to everyday lives. Its mission is to provide reliable, safe, and affordable autonomous delivery power to make everyday lives more convenient.

Here we introduce mainly three of our self-driving products:

  1. AutoX Autonomous Delivery Car

    Open the AutoX app and pick out groceries and items you want! Once the order is fulfilled, call an AutoX autonomous delivery car whenever and wherever you’re ready. You can also browse and buy more items on store inside our vehicle! We have launch our pilot in San Jose, CA.

  2. AutoX Passenger Car

    A combination of real-time camera vision, multiple sensors, and AI software allow our vehicles to react rapidly and make safe driving decisions. It can not only identify traffic agents accurately and reliably but also predict their motion trajectory, ensuring a safe driverless system under a competitive cost.

  3. AutoX Mini Car

    AutoX MINI Car focuses on point-to-point delivery for “last mile” local service, especially for industrial parks, residential areas, school campuses and other application scenarios. With only one Lidar and six cameras, it maintains the lowest cost among similar products.

    • Maximum load: 500KG
    • Speed: 4-20KM/h
    • Cargo Space: 0.8M3
    • Endurance: 8 hours